Member Benefits

Two Sides membership provides a host of benefits to help your organization better understand sustainability issues related to the Graphic Communications Industry and more effectively promote the sustainability of our industry and your business.

Depending on membership type, benefits include:

  • Enhanced credibility. By joining with other members to speak with one voice about the sustainability of the entire Graphic Communications Industry, your organization can communicate with customers and other stakeholders using verifiable, consistent messaging that enhances credibility and confidence in your business.
  • Increased visibility. Members increase the visibility of their organization's sustainability efforts to our growing worldwide network by connecting with us on social media and uploading information to our website for inclusion in our regular newsletter.
  • A forum to challenge misleading anti-paper and print claims.  Two Sides engages with companies who send misleading and unfounded environmental messages about paper and print.  Our goal is to educate the marketplace about the sustainable features of print and paper, and correct the misconceptions.
  • A forum for discussion. Your membership provides opportunities for valuable discussion and interaction with industry peers, as well as a communication platform to help you more effectively engage the media, suppliers, NGOs and others on sustainability issues.
  • Access to Two Sides materials. A variety of materials such as a customizable Myths and Facts brochure, fact sheets, infographics, and videos, serve as valuable resources to help members communicate with customers, employees and other stakeholders about our industry's sustainability.
  • Strength in numbers. Participate in industry-wide efforts to develop practical, sustainable solutions in consultation with peers, government, NGOs and others.
  • News and information. You'll have 24/7 access to news and information on emerging sustainability issues and challenges facing our industry.
  • Web page template. Use our customizable template to create your own web page to publicize your organization's sustainability credentials.
  • Logo use. Membership privileges include authorization to use the Two Sides logo and other intellectual property, demonstrating your business's sustainability leadership, proactive approach to environmental responsibility and commitment to implementing the Two Sides Principles in a robust and credible manner.
  • Webinars, training sessions and presentations. Two Sides offers webinars, training sessions and presentations to its members on hot topics related to the sustainability of print and paper.