A Great Example of How to Promote e-Statements and e-Bills

Submitted by: Phil Riebel 02/23/2016

No mention of paperless, green, trees, environment, paper clutter and so on!

Over the past 4 years Two Sides North America has worked with many companies on issues related to environmental marketing of electronic services over paper-based communications.  Our ongoing campaign has had much success with now 37 companies (many Fortune 100) having modified their marketing claims and another 14 who have made partial changes, and many more to come.

Let’s make one thing clear – Two Sides is not against electronic communications, nor are we promoting MORE paper use.  We are asking for a fair and balanced representation of paper products and an end to negative marketing claims against paper, especially when these claims are vague and unsubstantiated with science-based facts (ex: go paperless, go green, save trees).

Unfortunately, many corporate environmental marketing claims used today to promote lower cost e-statements and other e-services are based on false perceptions and a lack of understanding of the environmental issues related to paper and our growing electronic infrastructure.  In our view, they also don’t meet environmental marketing best practices and guidelines set out by governing authorities such as the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the Competition Bureau of Canada and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

So what are we aiming for?  Let me show you.  Here is a pop-up screen I got when I logged into my bank account in early January:















It was so wonderful that I read it about three times.  This is because the claims I usually deal with say “green”, “paperless”, etc. - you know the drill!

Bank of Montreal (BMO) has focused on the convenience and practicality of e-statements in a very honest and factual way.  There is no mention of “paperless”, “clutter”, “green”, “helping the environment” and “waste”.

If I was to pick one example of what Two Sides is trying to accomplish…this is it.

Thank you BMO for your honest marketing.