CJR calls print the ‘New Media’


According to an article in Columbia Journalism Review, more digital magazines are releasing printed versions in a trend that CJR is calling “a comeback” for print.

In fact, digital tools like the internet and new publishing and printing technologies can actually make it easier to publish a print magazine, the article points out. In a multi-media age, a magazine is a “brand,” not merely a single publication: “It’s a podcast, a social media embed, an article, a homepage, an app. Why not printed pages?”

Emotional appeal, marketability, and the ability to cater to niche interests are some of the benefits of print author Chava Gourarie cites in the article, quoting other industry experts who have also noticed the trend. “Some of our best content deserves to be on the newsstand or on someone’s coffee table for a while,” says Mark Oppenheimer, editor at large for Tablet, a digital publication that has recently released its first print edition. “A perspective-altering piece is worth more for 10,000 in print than as a brief distraction for 100,000 online.”

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Source: Article by Chava Gourarie, Columbia Journalism Review, December 7, 2015. Image: Dollar Photo.