FSC Global Strategic Plan 2015-2020


Outlining a three-part strategy for achieving its goals, the Forest Stewardship Council has released its Global Strategic Plan 2015-2020. This latest plan clarifies FSC’s identity and the role it can play in the global forest system, and addresses the current challenges faced by the world’s forests and forest stakeholders. “The strategic plan is a commitment to improving FSC’s certification system, and an aspiration to use our unique convening strengths in new ways to fulfill our mission,” according to the Council’s website. The plan targets increasing FSC certification in tropical forests, with the related goal of “providing voice to those most affected by mismanaged forests—Indigenous Peoples, workers, communities, women, and smallholders—while meeting the needs of our current certificate holders.”

Access the full report, available for download in three languages, by following the link below.

Source: FSC International, October 8, 2015