Is Blue Cross Blue Shield Greenwashing its Customers?


Blue Cross Blue Shield is a national federation of 36 member companies that provide healthcare to tens of millions. Unfortunately, their customers aren’t getting an accurate story on the environmental impact of paper versus digital billing.

Here are just a few examples of questionable claims appearing on Blue Cross Blue Shield material, including misuse of the Mobius loop (recycling symbol).

That’s why we reached out with two letters, first in April of 2015, and again in January of this year.

BCBS hasn’t responded to either letter. So we’re taking to Twitter to see if we can get them to engage us and consider our arguments in good faith. Please retweet or join in the conversation yourself, and help us encourage Blue Cross Blue Shield to arm their customers with all the facts on paper.

Let's encourage BCBS to join the other 45 leading companies who have worked with us to modify their marketing messages related to paper.