Online Goes Offline!


International tech giants have created a digital revolution, transforming the way that we consume media on screen. However, 5 digital brands have embraced print magazines in order to forge a stronger connection with its consumers, staff and stakeholders.

This article by David Benady appeared on the Print Power website on January 19, 2016.

Momentum Uber Magazine

Earlier this year, global taxi service Uber launched a print magazine for its 15,000 drivers in the US. Titled Momentum, the magazine aims to bring its community of drivers together and increase loyalty by informing them about new developments within the company and helping them to connect with one another. To download the first issue go to:

Allrecipes Magazine

Two years ago, US publisher Meredith used the popularity and recognition of their user-generated recipe website to launch a print magazine that now sells over 1.1 million copies. Allrecipies magazine was the US magazine industry's first large-scale digital-to-print brand extension when it launched two years ago. For more info go to:

Pineapple Airbnb Magazine

The global online home rental service has over 25 million users and needed a way of communicating with those users and creating a community of travellers and hosts. So they launched Pineapple, a quarterly print magazine that covers travel, culture, art and food from around the world, as well as content created by the Airbnb users themselves. For more info go to:

Politico Magazine

Political website has been covering the issues and personalities behind US politics since 2007, but found they had a need for long-form articles that went deeper into a story. So two years ago they launched Politico Magazine, followed by a European version earlier this year. "We do great stuff in the moment," said Politico CEO Jim Vandehei, "but didn't have a great apparatus for telling longer stories. The magazine goes deeper - its additive." To read more of the content go to:

Facebook Employee Handbook

Like most large tech firms, Facebook has a handbook they give to all new employees. But unlike other firms, this handbook doesn't set out the HR rules or give directions to the nearest sandwich shop. It's a gorgeously designed piece of print that blends thick, uncoated paper and sample statements such as 'The quick shall inherit the earth'. For a sneak peak of the handbook go to:

Source: Print Power, January 19, 2016