Want to Help Promote Paper? Celebrate National Forest Products Week!

Submitted by: The Two Sides Team 10/16/2015

Cut and paste our Tweets and Facebook posts below to remind everyone that paper is a key sustainable forest product.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone outside our industry  viewed paper and other forest products as sustainable. For example, no more “go green – go paperless” or “save a tree” claims, but rather a clear understanding of the great environmental, social and economic benefits that well managed forests provide.

If your livelihood relies on paper products, or if you like print and paper, help us send the positive message about the sustainability of paper and other forest products (#CelebrateFP on Twitter).

Here are our top tweets (or Facebook posts) you can use to do this:

What’s highly renewable & recyclable, stores carbon, made mostly with green energy & critical for learning / literacy? PAPER! #CelebrateFP 

Paper supports long-term sustainable forest management and helps maintain land as forest..instead of shopping malls #CelebrateFP

Dear Corporate America, please stop saying “go paperless – save trees”, it misleads consumers about the sustainability of paper #CelebrateFP

Sustainable, versatile #paperboard packages items you love and rely on #CelebrateFP @PaperBasedPkg

Pet food, groceries and more! Recyclable paper shipping sacks carry the day!  #CelebrateFP @renewablebag 

#FunFact: The US #ForestProducts industry is a top 10 manufacturer in 47 states #CelebrateFP

The US #forestproducts industry employs more people than the automotive, chemicals and plastics industries #CelebrateFP

By weight, more paper is recovered for #recycling from municipal solid waste streams than glass, plastic, steel and aluminum combined #CelebrateFP

In the U.S., twice as much wood is being grown each year as is harvested #CelebrateFP 

#Sustainable forestry practices keep our forests beautiful and plentiful #CelebrateFP

Paper makes life better http://bit.ly/1BxbLSg #CelebrateFP

America at work: The US forest products industry employs nearly 900,000 people and is a top 10 manufacturer in 47 states #CelebrateFP

For more information about the U.S. Forest and Paper industry, its products and National Forest Products Week events, visit afandpa.org/our-products and follow the discussion on Twitter with #CelebrateFP.