What Does it Cost to Join? 

Two Sides seeks to be as inclusive as possible, encouraging organizations of all sizes to join in promoting responsible environmental practices throughout the Graphic Communications Industry.  To achieve this, annual membership fees for Commercial Members are calculated as a percentage of relevant annual North American revenue up to a maximum membership fee of $25,000 US per year for paper producers, paper merchants and printers, and $10,000 per year for suppliers to the paper and print industries. There is a minimum membership fee of $250 US for all commercial and allied organization members.

Entity Type Annual Membership  Fee (% relevant revenue)

Commercial Members

- Maximum fee $25,000 US (paper producers, paper merchants, printers)

- Maximum fee $10,000 US (suppliers to the paper and print industries)

- Minimum fee $250 US

Annual dues are based on a formula of $25 US per million or relevant revenues (ex: if revenues are $100 million, annual dues are $2,500)

Allied Organization Members

- Minimum fee $250 US

Same formula as above
Partner Members By means of services


Relevant revenue is defined as total revenue derived from those parts of the business entity that are directly involved in the North American Graphic Communications Industry.

Two Sides recognizes that applicants may have wider commercial interests that are outside the North American Graphic Communications Industry. In these circumstances, applicants will be asked to declare annual revenue from print and paper activities and pay an annual membership fee based on relevant revenue according to the formula above.

In addition:

  • All print and paper activity must be declared.
  • Revenue from non-print and paper products may be excluded.
  • The Two Sides membership year starts January 1st and ends December 31st of each year.
  • Companies can join Two Sides at any time of the year based on the following conditions:
  1. Fees received in the first quarter of the membership year will be valid for the full year.
  2. Fees received in the second or third quarter of the membership year will be adjusted to cover the remaining months of the membership year, from the beginning of the month that payment was received to the end of the current membership year.
  3. Fees received in the fourth quarter of the membership year will be valid until December 31st of the following year.

Supplemental financial and in-kind contributions to Two Sides are always welcome.

Membership fees may change from time to time and are decided by the Board of Directors.