Two Minutes with Two Sides – Greenwashing: Misleading Environmental Claims

Learn about greenwashing and the rules around making misleading environmental claims with Jules Van Sant, Executive Director of Two Sides North America.

The Circularity of Paper: Recycling Closes the Circle

Over the last three decades, the U.S. paper industry’s deep-rooted commitment and voluntary investment of billions of dollars in recycling infrastructure have transformed the circularity of paper products from vision to reality – something no other industry has been able to achieve. At a time when there’s growing alarm about the low recycled rates of other materials, paper recycling is a clear exception.


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The Circularity of Paper: Inside the Paper Mill

We know the circular life cycle of North American paper products begins as wood from sustainably managed forests where trees are purpose-grown, harvested and regrown in perpetuity.  But once that wood reaches a pulp and paper mill, how does the manufacturing process contribute to circularity and minimize environmental impacts of paper products?

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The Circularity of Paper: Sustainable Forestry

Can you imagine a world without paper?

In its many forms, paper is an ever-present and vital part of our everyday lives. Because paper products are so ubiquitous, it’s not surprising that their environmental impacts are under increasing scrutiny as public awareness of sustainability grows and calls for a more sustainable, circular economy gain momentum. The good news is, the life cycle of paper and paper-based packaging is already circular.

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